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Vision of a Bishop Brady Graduate at Graduation

Students at Bishop Brady are immersed in a community that cultivates individual growth in faith, learning and service. This growth starts in an environment that nurtures talents and supports struggle. Growth is also shown in each Brady student's pursuit of excellence in the classroom, by participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, in his or her social life, and through community service.

The vision of the Bishop Brady Graduate at Graduation identifies specific skills and habits of mind which are fostered in our students. These are habits and virtues that students will deepen throughout their lives. Upon graduation, the young men and women receiving diplomas from Bishop Brady High School will have demonstrated personal growth through Deepening Faith, Engagement in Learning, and Commitment to Service.

Deepening Faith — A Bishop Brady graduate will deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Faith and will be able to: 

  • make decisions that are reflective of Christ's life and values
  • respect the rich traditions and rituals of the Catholic Faith
  • recognize religious faith as a lifelong journey
  • acknowledge and celebrate the diversity found in other religions
  • recognize that the Catholic Faith believes that everyone is made in the image and likeness of God
  • develop a habit of reflection on experiences
  • show maturity and a willingness to take responsibility for his/her own actions
  • bear witness to our faith through community action, charitable endeavors, and caring relationships

Engagement in Learning — A Bishop Brady graduate will experience growth in his or her learning and will be able to:

  • carefully observe, critically question, intelligently explore and respectfully accept a variety of possibilities
  • analyze and synthesize information and draw meaningful conclusions from various sources
  • communicate effectively through written, oral, technological, and collaborative means
  • be an active, informed and influential citizen
  • demonstrate initiative, adaptability, and moral fortitude in the technology driven future
  • be creative, curious, and imaginative
  • develop the initiative to seek new challenges, even those that may involve risk or failure

Commitment to Service — A Bishop Brady graduate will experience growth in his or her service to others and will be able to:

  • identify the many needs of local and wider communities
  • live in service to others
  • reflect on the communal nature of humans and the broader demands of community building
  • engage in charitable acts addressing social justice issues and meeting the needs of society
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