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Underclassmen Final Exams

Final-Exam Information

NOTE:  We reverse the exam order from Mid-term exams G-A not A-G


Final exams run from June 13 through June 16 (see below). 


Exam periods run for 2 hours.  Students must be in the exam area 15 min. prior to the start of the exam.  Students may leave the exam after 1 ½ hours if they have completed the exam.

Building is open regular hours.  Students taking 2 exams a day must stay all day.

Students taking only 1 exam on any day need only be in school for the exam period.  Can stay all day if transportation issue.  Library will be open for quiet study.

BREAKFAST AVAILABLE  prior to morning exam.  LUNCH AVAILABLE from 11:00 to 12:15.  NO FOOD SERVICES ON THE LAST DAY OF EXAMS (Friday).

Students must take the exam on the scheduled day and time.  No switching periods.

Students ill for any exam MUST have a parent call in ahead of time AND must arrange with the office to make up the exam on the makeup day. 


Tuesday, June 13          Wed., June 14           Thurs., June 15        Fri., June 16

Period G   9:30               Period E   9:30            Period C   9:30          Period A  9:30

Period F 12:30               Period D 12:30            Period B 12:30          Makeup Exam 12:30




Each year during the week of exams, we collect items for the non-profit groups, Got Lunch Program and Food Pantry.

In order to dress down, students must bring in an item for each exam that they take.  If they choose not to participate, they must be in regular Brady dress code. Refer to the handbook for appropriate dress down. Absolutely no hats and open back shoes and sandals.

Here is the requested item schedule:  

Tuesday exams G and F:    Peanut butter, jam or jelly (mid-size)


Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Exams: Nonperishable items

    (Please help us by checking stale dates. The food must be within the “use by date” and something you would like to eat)

  Please remember if a student wishes not to participate, they must be in regular Brady dress code.

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