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BYOD Program

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD)

What is BYOD?

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is a program at Bishop Brady High School that allows students to bring and use their own mobile electronic devices at school.  With teacher approval, students may use their devices, such as laptops, iPads, tablets and eReaders, in the classroom to access and save information from the internet, collaborate with other learners, and share their work.  Access for non-academic reasons is secondary and must not disrupt the learning of others. The current cell phone policy for students remains in effect and supersedes this statement. Cell phones are not acceptable devices under the BYOD program. 


Bishop Brady embraces the use of educational technology in the classroom as a means of fulfilling our vision of a Brady Graduate at Graduation to be "engaged in learning" and to explore new ways of gaining knowledge for lives of faith, learning and service.  Though technology has risks, these are the risks students must navigate in their lives in the 21st century.  In this way, Brady wants to help prepare students to be effective participants in a global society. 


Students may bring their own mobile electronic device to school. One device per student will be permitted on the network for school use. 

Bishop Brady provides wireless connectivity as a student service and offers no guarantee that any use of the wireless connection is secure, or that any privacy can be protected when using this wireless connection. 

Bishop Brady users will be prompted to accept terms of use prior to each attempt at connecting to the BBHS public network.  Some points to keep in mind:

  • Use of the BBHS wireless network is entirely at the risk of the user
  • BBHS is not responsible for any loss of information that may arise from the use of the wireless connection, or for any loss, injury, or damages resulting from the use of the wireless connection
  • All users of the BBHS wireless network are bound by the School Policy on Technology Use: Personal Electronic Devices (Use in the School), Responsibility for Personal Electronic Devices, Internet Acceptable Use and Guidelines on Social Media

Students who do not accept the terms of service will not be able to access the BBHS wireless network. Once on the BBHS Public network, all users will have filtered Internet access just as they would on an internally connected, BBHS-owned device. 

The mobile electronic device a students brings to school is the sole responsibility of the student. Bishop Brady assumes no liability and accepts no responsibility for a student's mobile electronic device if it is lost, loaned, damaged or stolen.  Only limited resources will be spent to locate lost or stolen items. 

  • Bishop Brady staff are not responsible for configuring personal devices to access the network
  • BYOD participants are prohibited from sharing personal devices, creating "hot spots," and deliberately tampering with school system property or property of others. 
  • Users should strive to maintain appropriate bandwidth for school-related work and communications
  • BYOD are required to have current virus protection
  • Students will charge their device each night and take the necessary precautions to "save" battery power during the day

Students are required to adhere to the School Policy on Technology Use as described in the Student/ Parent Handbook for Personal Electronic Devices, Internet Acceptable Use and Guidelines on Social Media. 

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Recommended Devices and Connectivity on the BBHS Wireless Network
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