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1963 Campaign

The year was 1963. 

  • The first Bond movie was released. 

  • The US Postal Service implemented zip codes. 

  • The Football Hall of Fame opened

  • Donny Osmond debuted on the Andy Williams Show. 

  • Martin Luther King delivered his famous “I Have A Dream” speech at a Civil Rights march in DC.

  • The first woman went to space. 

  • It was the beginning of Beatlemania. 

  • President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. 

And, in 1963, Bishop Brady High School opened its doors to continue the traditions of St. John High School, forging a combined community of faith , charity and truth, ”fides, caritas, veritas”, the backbone behind the development of the total person.

Bishop Brady students complete over 10,000 hours of community service a year, every year, in the local community, as well as globally, and are ready to face the world armed with a solid foundation of academic strength, a compassion for others, and a healthy respect for their religious beliefs, family and society. 

Our enrollment has fluctuated with the changes in the economy. Although it currently reflects 92% of our operating budget, tuition alone does not fully fund a Bishop Brady education not does it provide for many long term needs of the school.  We have windows that should be replaced for the building to become more energy efficient.  We have stage lights that need upgrading, furniture that needs replacing, and athletic fields that need improving.  We have areas of the building that could be more effectively used in the summer months with the addition of some added temperature controls. An increase in financial assistance requests has resulted in over $500,000 in aid distributed to over one-third of the student body as we work toward our goal to educate any student wanting a Brady education regardless of their ability to pay.  

#BradyGivesBack is an opportunity to ‘pay if forward’ to support the mission of the school.  For 63 hours beginning on June 3rd (6/3) at 9:00 am (6+3), we encourage you to make a gift to the Bishop Brady Annual Fund.  No donation is too small and every gift counts.  Help provide the Brady Advantage so that others may enjoy the impact that Brady had on you.  Don’t delay. Make your gift today and change a student’s life forever. 

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