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The Bishop Brady Fund

What is the Bishop Brady Fund?

The Bishop Brady Annual Fund is the foundation of fundraising efforts for our school community. Participation in annual giving demonstrates a commitment to support the mission of the school in preparing young adults as future citizens. All monies received in the current fiscal year through the annual fund are used during that same fiscal year. Our fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30.

Why is the Bishop Brady Fund necessary?

Bishop Brady relies on a combination of tuition revenue and fundraising to support our school's strong academic, athletic and co-curricular programs, fund professional development for faculty, enhance technology integration and to provide need-based tuition assistance. The Bishop Brady Fund provides an opportunity for all constituencies, family, friends, parents, alumni, grandparents and corporate sponsors to support Bishop Brady at a level with which they feel comfortable.

Why not just raise the tuition?

Although raising tuition is necessary to keep pace with the increased costs to operate a school, we try to keep the tuition at a rate that makes a Bishop Brady education attainable for all qualified candidates. For those who are able to pay more, we ask that they do. All monies donated over and above the tuition amount are considered a charitable contribution and are typically tax deductible.

What are this year's goals?

The goal for non-tuition revenue for the 2016-2017 school year is $200,000.00. This includes fundraising events, the annual fund and other donations and sponsorships.

The goal for parent participation is 40%

The goal for advisory board participation is 100%

The goal for alumni participation is 12%

The goal for Faculty and Staff participation is 100%

Can I direct my donation?

Absolutely. Donors to the Bishop Brady Alumni Fund can direct their donation to one of our specified areas of need or donations can be left to the discretion of the school. Specific areas for donations include:

  • Brady Student Opportunity Fund (general need-based financial assistance)
  • Brady Family Scholarship Fund (tuition assistance specific to alumni family members)
  • James Ceriello Scholarship Fund
  • Brady Giants Fund (athletic and co-curricular programs)
  • Brady Fine Arts Fund (music, art and drama programs)
  • Brady Transportation Fund (additions to the Brady fleet)
  • Brady Technology Fund (maintain/upgrade computer labs, continued integration of wireless network throughout the building, professional development in the use of technology to enhance learning)
  • Brady Professional Development Fund

Who is asked to participate?

Participation in annual giving is a measure of the school's strength. Whether your contribution is small or large, it is a valued support to our school community. Everyone is asked to participate. Our goals for 2014-2015 include increased participation as well as an increase in donations.

Levels of sponsorship

All sponsors are listed in the summer edition of the Bishop Brady High School Magazine. The actual dollar amount of the donation is not published.

Guardians of the Mission – gifts of $10,000 or greater

  • Leadership Council – gifts of $5,000 to $9,999
  • Leadership Partner – gifts of $2,500 to $4,999
  • Leadership Society – gifts of $1,000 to $2,499
  • Brady Sponsor – gifts of $500 to $999
  • Giant Sponsor –gifts of $250-$499
  • Green and Gold Sponsor – gift up to $249
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