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Principal's Message


February, 2021
Bishop Brady High School continues to celebrate our return to face to face learning in the 2020-2021 school year. The proactive planning of our COVID Task Force has assured that we are safely in classes, playing sports, and participating in co-curricular activities. My greatest pride is the fact that we have not canceled activities and events. Rather, we continue to think outside the box and continue most of our activities and events with some major pandemic modifications.
Our Monday Morning Meetings still occur with one grade level rotating into the gym each week and the remainder of the community watching via livestream. Our liturgies continue either livestreamed into classes from the chapel or with a single grade level in the gym and others viewing from their classes. Our athletic teams are playing but with indoor winter sports, they are wearing masks during competition. We still celebrated Homecoming and Winter Carnival – COVID style!
While we are in class daily, we do have a small percentage of students participating in our IDL (Independent Distance Learning) program or an approved hybrid, attending school some days and learning from home on others. Our teachers are working hard to coordinate the various educational needs of all of our students both in person and at home.
So, how is it going at Bishop Brady during this pandemic?  It's going great and we are so very happy to be in the building!  We reassess and modify continuously. We use our six foot sticks to adjust our tables and desks all the time. We wash our hands, sanitize our work stations, and wear our masks except when we eat. We depend on everyone doing the right thing. I could not be more proud of the hard work and dedication of the faculty and staff at Bishop Brady.  I could not be more impressed with the diligence of our students.  And I could not be more happy with the support from our parents, our alumni, and the community.  #BradyStrong

In Peace,

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Andrea Isaak Elliot


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